What are alfajores?

A staple treat from several South American cultures that combines the sweet creaminess of dulce de leche with two cookies.

What is dulce de leche?

There are many different variations of caramel. The less viscous caramel that some cultures are accustom to start with just water and sugar, whereas dulce de leche is more of a milk caramel. It starts with milk and sugar and is cooked until a sweet, soft, creamy texture is accomplished.

what brought you to making alfajores?

I love travelling and one of the reasons I love travelling is the experience of the little joys of other cultures. Food and the people contribute greatly to this experience. How amazing is it to bring these experiences to those that miss their food from their family and to bring that joy to others that haven’t been able to travel? When I lived abroad, everything was so different from what I learned and understood that even a small comfort of home was greatly appreciated. When I finally moved back, close to my family, my experiences of other cultures and food were engraved on my heart, and I craved the best things I experienced from those cultures - alfajores were at the top of that list.

Do you make them at home?

Strangely enough, I get this question a lot. We lovingly make the alfajores in a certified, health inspected and licensed commerical bakery. We have developed processes and checklists to follow to ensure that all food is safe to consume. Although we are not yet required to be SFCR compliant until 2020, we are moving forward with certification now.

Where can i buy some alfajores?

We have several partners that we are working with. Please go to our STOCKISTS page for more details. We do not have a retail location. You can also buy from our online store if you can’t find a location near you.

When will you be in a location close to me?

If you want our alfajores please ask your local retailers to stock our product and then send us a note through the COMMENT page so that we can follow up with your local retailer.