our roots

It all started with a secret family recipe and the love that alfajores bring to families. Argentinian culture is very family focused and mothers across the culture make homemade alfajores out of love for their families to create memories they can keep forever. I have a saying, “You have to create a mllion great stars to give a child at least one to grab on to, so they can soar higher.” With each alfajor, we are creating those stars for not only children but everyone to hold on to. The opportunity that we have to taste the flavours of the world is amazing and one that I am passionate about bringing to others. Our processes have been developed over the last decade and with the thin cookies giving the focal flavour, dulce de leche or milk caramel, the center stage, this cookie-pie will be loved by many more…they just need to discover it.

Since our introduction into the market almost a decade ago, those cultures with alfajores have been enjoying a local product they relish from their childhood memories. Alfajores are no longer a “need to buy item” on those trips to see family members abroad because our customers have been able to buy fresh alfajores right here. With the ability to provide a high-quality, fresh product, we have seen the joy we have been able to give many that have moved so far away from their own roots. With this love, we value striving to work hard to give and make the best quality product.

There are many things that should be valued in life and business. I always tell my family that my heart has three parts, each part for the culture I lived in and grew to love incredibly. From each of the cultures I learned the values that we stand by and foster; integrity, honesty, respect, inclusivity, loyalty, curiosity, perseverance, supportive and hard working.